Property Loss, Cargo & Subrogation

Gray car badly damaged in an accident

Property Loss, Cargo & Subrogation

Perez Morris has a national reputation for aggressively representing self-insurers on matters relating to property and cargo losses. We have successfully pursued, on a national basis, large loss property claims resulting from such calamities as fire, flood, explosions and construction defects. With our network of local counsel and experts, we can commence protecting your interests within moments of a loss.

In addition, our firm represents various national clients on matters relating to transportation of goods. We have continued success in assisting our clients who internationally import with satisfying their losses against carriers, freight forwarders and others related to the transportation of goods for loss or damage to imported cargo. Our experience with air, sea, land and rail transports also includes recovery for failed deliveries with domestic transportation.

The property loss, cargo, and subrogation practice group focuses on recovery of complex commercial losses, including damage to factories, warehouses, distribution centers, and retail stores. We respond quickly to build the recovery case from the first report of loss. We understand the importance of getting the clean-up and repair process underway and our client back in business as fast as possible. We have the experience and knowledge to work cooperatively with investigators and specialists to document cause and origin and to accurately understand and assess damages.

While maintaining our small firm commitment to client service, we handle claims on a national basis. We maintain a network of local counsel, retained by Perez Morris. Our firm serves as a single point of contact for the client. We work to streamline and produce uniform discovery responses, ultimately reducing the discovery burdens for our clients, regardless of the jurisdiction.

Perez Morris has represented various national clients, insurers, and self-insureds on matters relating to first party property loss recovery, subrogation, and cargo claims. We have successfully pursued large and small property and cargo claims resulting from fire, flood, wind/storm, construction defects, crime/malfeasance, theft, product defects, and negligence.

We have significant experience with complex damages cases, including high-value business interruption and lost profit claims. We also regularly litigate cases with complex contractual issues, including landlord/tenant disputes, indemnity obligations, and construction issues.