We are in the legal profession, not the legal business. 

This is the maxim that forms the foundation of our practice. In 1997, when we formed the firm, our vision was simple: to be a service-driven law firm committed to serving you, not our bottom line. We understand that while we represent your legal interests in court or at the negotiation table, we are a reflection of you. You can feel confident that our representation will be efficient, intelligent and with a level of expertise that will reflect the very best on you, our client.

Over the years we have acquired top talent—attorneys with proven success in all areas of litigation and transactional practice. Our attorneys are diverse in ideas and experience as well as culturally diverse. Each brings a unique perspective to the table, allowing us to provide creative solutions to any issues presented. We focus on the complete picture. This means we will work to effectively resolve any existing issues and also work to develop strategies for you to avoid potential issues in the future.

You are not our customer, you are our client. There is a big distinction. We remain committed to providing the best possible service to meet your unique needs.

It is our pleasure to serve you.

John Perez and Troy Morris