Motor Vechile Liability Litigation

Gray car badly damaged in an accident

Motor Vehicle Liability Litigation

It is no secret that automobile liability litigation dominates the civil court system and generates volumes of claims in the insurance industry. Perez Morris has extensive experience representing various companies’ insureds in automobile-related personal injury accidents. Additionally, the firm regularly provides its automobile insurance clients with advice on automobile policy coverage issues. Our team handles all aspects of automobile litigation including liability, uninsured and underinsured motorist and first party benefits cases. Such claims run the spectrum of low-impact, soft tissue, and admitted negligence matters to complex, multi-vehicle, commercial passenger, and catastrophic losses. Given the vast differences of these incidents from both a liability and damages perspective, the discovery, reporting and defending of such claims must be tailored to fit the claim at issue.



Handling these claims efficiently and effectively is the standard at Perez Morris. Often the liability issues can be addressed quickly or the damages issues addressed by statutory limits. Regardless, by focusing on the issues that bring about the least exposure, rather than needlessly litigating issues that will never get before a jury, our team strives for rapid resolutions to claims for which our clients are provided comprehensive information from which to make their decisions. We work with well-known experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, biomechanical reconstruction, vehicle kinematics, etc., and we are well-versed in cases involving roads and highways. In addition, the Automobile Liability Practice Group works closely with members of the firm’s Insurance Coverage and Special Investigations & Fraud Practice Groups. Together, these groups provide practical solutions for all types of claims arising out of the use and operation of automobiles.



Perez Morris litigates motor vehicle liability claims across the Northeast and utilizes counsel to assist with cases throughout the United States. Issues such as scope of employment and alternative insurers are explored to ensure liability exposure to the client is kept to a minimum. Whether the vehicle is part of a corporate fleet, or an employee’s personal vehicle, each factual scenario is broken down and analyzed to form the most complete defense possible, at the least cost possible. Regardless of the pre-suit anticipated liability or damages in a motor vehicle case, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to develop a comprehensive defense and resolution strategy that will keep the client informed and able to make sound decisions during the litigation process. Our team is often asked to give presentations and conduct seminars concerning the best practices for handling automobile claims.