Remote working during COVID-19


We certainly hope this message finds you and your family well and healthy. We know this is challenging time for all, no matter your age, gender, race, career, family size or structure. We are here to walk alongside our clients, our communities, our employees and our families.


We have physical offices in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania and in each of those states government officials have been proactive in taking steps to protect citizens from further spread of COVID-19. While we have been open with a reduced number of employees coming into the office, we will be immediately transitioning to a fully remote office until the time this mandate is lifted and we believe it is safe for our employees to return to the office.


During this time, we ask that you send as much communication and information as possible electronically. While we have procedures and work flows in place to ensure mail is received and is processed in a timely manner, it will keep things moving forward more smoothly to operate electronically to the extent possible.


Our entire firm has the ability to work remotely during this time. We will have full access to our phones, email, and computer systems to be able to serve our clients’ needs and we look forward to the continued opportunity to be of service. We are currently working in lock step with our clients on the myriad of issues created by COVID-19’s impact.


We are sending positive thoughts to our government leaders, health care workers and those on the front lines, parents with children at home who are trying to continue their learning and balance remote working, and all those who have lost a job and are struggling in this moment. We know that the future is bright! Take good care and stay healthy!